The greatness within is waiting for you

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Our week looks like this: we work most of the time, workout sometimes if we’re really in the mood, then sleep. But, our soul.. do we really take care of it?

I had the opportunity to take a great online course about how to transform your passion into a business. 3 months full of theory and practice. But it all came from a starting point: “what is your passion?” Some of us knew exactly what their hobbies/ passions were, some were confused, some discovered them throughout the course. One of the ways to tell what is THE passion, was to think of what you liked doing when you were a child, when everything seemed possible.


It’s time to get a Balanced Life

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Balance… A beautiful word.. balance.. Peaceful, resourceful, complete. Balance!

It’s the state where everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be. In your personal life, at work, in your body and mind. Equilibrium.

I coach expat professional men and women who need to identify and refocus on their objectives. My clients have lost the sense of balance and are looking for someone to keep them on track (health, fitness, personal needs, communication skills). (more…)

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