It Starts with ONE Decision

Have you ever felt that knowing inside you, that sense of total certainty that there is a path for you, that you are called to do so much more, but you couldn’t articulate it, you couldn’t put your finger on it, but you knew it’s deep down in your soul, in your heart and in your bones?

If yes, I’m assuming that you took one of these routes:
– you either got bold and courageous and took some serious action to discover what it is
– or you just played it safe, thinking that maybe it will come to you some day, if ever..


8 Reasons to Live in the NOW

Every event is temporary. It’s here now, present for a while and then it fades away. This moment is unique. In the entire Universe there will be no other like it. Similar, perhaps, but not identical.
And yet,  we discard these moments. We don’t notice them because of the busyness or of the pain, of the overwhelm or of the fear that gets in the way.