Working in the personal investment space, I always want to improve my effectiveness both with clients and in my personal life. I have known Ana through my business network for over a year and a good friend recommended Ana and Strategic Discovery to me. I never thought coaching would be beneficial however Ana’s approach helped me to identify two key areas for me to focus on and this has really improved my effectiveness, inside and outside of the workplace. For business leaders or managers looking to grow and improve in business, I would highly recommend Ana.

Graham H, Financial Consultant – UAE


When I attended Ana’s invitation for a consultation, I did not know what to expect. I was pretty stressed going into the consultation, wondering whether I really had time to commit to something of which I was not sure of the end result. I should have not worried, Ana’s informal but insightful approach puts you at ease but also really helped me put things in perspective. Thank you Ana, for giving me back some of my sanity. We all feel overwhelmed or stressed at times whether it is in our home or work life, Ana can really help you make sense of what is important to you. I would recommend her to anyone in this situation.

Stuart P, Managing Director – UAE


I met Ana Caragea through our BNI Odyssey chapter. I have attended a 2 hrs personal coaching session with her. She helped me understand my strengths and my true potential. She is a thorough professional and a psychologist from within. She even helped me find my company name “Beyond Numbers”. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to others. Thank you!

Sudeshna B, Founder – UAE


I worked with Ana for over 3 months on a huge personal goal of mine, writing a book. Ana kept me focused and on track through on the process. The first month was really easy. The 2nd month I hit the wall. Writer’s block, self doubt, and feelings of not being “good enough” or having something important enough to write in a book started to plague my mind. I’m a perfectionist and Ana stayed with me throughout the whole process. She kept challenging me to break it down into smaller and smaller bits until there was just no excuse to start. Once I started, getting back into the flow was easy. Ana never took my power away. She stayed with me, at my level, with encouragement and support no matter what excuse I threw at her. I couldn’t have done it without her! Thank you Ana for so much!

Matthew H, Marriage Coach – USA


I worked with Ana over the course of four 2-hour coaching sessions. I have never had coaching sessions with anyone before so I found the whole experience very interesting and enlightening. Ana is a thoughtful and caring coach and really understood what I was trying to accomplish during our sessions. As is sometimes the case, we didn’t complete the issue I started with, but happily, I got closure on another issue that was bothering me for months. I got a lot out of Ana’s pauses which really gave me time to formulate what I wanted to say rather than rushing to answer because we were pushed for time. If you’re stuck on a particular issue and need to clarify your thoughts and feelings related to it, I highly recommend working with Ana to figure things out in a relaxed but focused way.

Ilana E, Business Owner – USA


Ana is simply amazing. She showed me a different approachable perspective to an old problem. She is truly understanding and analyses the root course of the problem. I would definitely recommend her.

Elizabeth K, Human Resources Specialist – UAE


The coaching experience was one of a kind, even though I had some doubts about it, the session was really useful. Just in one hour I’ve managed to get a clear view of the road ahead and of the next action steps. I’m looking forward to having our next session, and I believe that it will be of a tremendous value, on professional and personal levels.

Alex M, Lawyer – Romania


Ana is a charismatic Strategic Coach who knows how to listen to your inner motives of why you do the things you do and to naturally shift your perspective to a positive one. She uses powerful techniques and strategies to unblock your true potential and to determine you take charge of the changes you want to experience in your life. Her strong ability to instill confidence in others is extremely empowering and inspiring. Each session feels like a “10 steps forward” button that is magically activated.

Cezara S, Recruitment Specialist – UAE


You just made my day in that hour. You made me realize something: I EXIST and I CAN do more. Much more. Thanks

Carmen S, Social Worker Specialist – Austria


Coaching Feedback
Coach Ana is driven to assisting her clients reach their goals. She is flexible in her approach, creative in leading her clients to their own solutions and is an effective listener and catalyst for creating positive performance improvements.

James Babb, Global Lead Client Service Partner – UAE


First taste of coaching
I have always been interested in being a life coach, but never really knew where to start. Ana offered a complimentary session on coaching, we briefly went through what life coaching was all about, but then we also went on to discussing how to progress me further to being a life coach. It’s great being able to speak to someone who is in a similar situation to me, where I have a full time job but would love to dedicate more time in helping individuals. Ana is friendly and approachable and I would love to work with her.

Renee Tang, Project Manager – UK


It was really wonderful to see that ” WHEEL OF LIFE ” with a different perspective , I was really surprise to see the results . After the session i really felt that Our life have to be balanced in all aspects completely 10/10 i.e. Career, Family & Friends , Significant Other , Physical Environment , Personal Growth , Money , Health , Fun & Creation , etc If there is any imbalance in between this we wont be that successful and happy , It will be just like when a car gets Puncture and you had to use the air to refill it back or change the tire 🙂 … Likewise if there is something wrong in life going on we had to find a way to fix everything up to get it balanced else a massive damage can be done if continued … I really Thank you again for making me understand this and I will be looking forward to have more sessions with you soon .. Thanks. Mohammed

MoHd MacKi, KSA


Ana is a wonderful coach and has both the generosity of spirit and skill to help her clients make the changes they want to achieve. She has a naturally positive can-do approach backed up by motivational and constructive techniques. For anyone looking to achieve growth or implement changes in a supportive environment, Ana is a perfect choice and partner.

Sam K, Business Coach – UK


Ana helped me a lot after individual coaching session. I managed to get my life in order and find my own answers which troubled me. So she has led me to trust what I want using my positive energy. I highly recommend to everyone who wants/need a change in their lives but do not know where, how, when, why. Thanks a lot Ana. And hope to hear you soon to tell you about my journey.

Roxana Teodora, Training Specialist – Romania