It Starts with ONE Decision

Have you ever felt that knowing inside you, that sense of total certainty that there is a path for you, that you are called to do so much more, but you couldn’t articulate it, you couldn’t put your finger on it, but you knew it’s deep down in your soul, in your heart and in your bones?

If yes, I’m assuming that you took one of these routes:
– you either got bold and courageous and took some serious action to discover what it is
– or you just played it safe, thinking that maybe it will come to you some day, if ever..

Now the tricky part.. If you took the second route.. I’m guessing that you still feel that something is missing from your life, perhaps you’re feeling some restlessness combined with the fear of wasting time, combined with not living your life as you’re meant to.
I want to speak to your soul now: I hear you. I know how you’re feeling. I know that frustration of not knowing enough, of not being enough, of not being brave enough.. I hear you. As I heard it in myself too.

The thing is that this calling of yours won’t leave you. It might get delayed, pushed aside, hidden, but it’s never gone. It’s there waiting for you to take the wheel of life back and turn it on your path. It waits for you to notice the fear and act in spite of not knowing what’s next. It waits for you to show up and pay attention again to what has been right there in  front of you.

Yes. It’s scary. Yes, you might not succeed from the first try. But are you willing to take the chance of not living your life and your calling at its fullest? Are you willing to wake up one day to think “what happened to my drive, to my dream, to my life? How did I miss it? It’s too late now..” Are you willing?

By not showing up to your life’s path you turn down all the goodness and all the joy that could have been present for you. You turn down leaving a legacy for the future generations, for your friends, for your family, for strangers that need you to step up and own your potential, that need your story, your encouragements, your grace, your willingness to fail and rise.

I’m speaking to you now. Wake up and get curious. Don’t judge yourself for not waking up sooner. What’s done is done. You can redirect your path right now. In this moment. You get to create your future. With this decision here and now. Decide that you own it to yourself to discover what that path looks like. Decide that it’s time for some Joy, Love, Compassion, Courage and Action. Decide it’s YOUR TIME!
So I’m inviting you to gift yourself the time to explore. I’m inviting you to do this exercise. Take a piece of paper or your journal and answer this questions:
– If you had all the resources available (time, money, know-how etc) what would you love to create in this world?
– What would fill your heart with so much joy and gratefulness for being alive and aware of your path?
– What is your wisdom (aka your inner whisperer, your soul, your intuition) telling you?
– What is the smallest step that you could take to put yourself back on your path to fulfilment?
Remember: you already have your answers within you! Perhaps there was a faint whisper so quiet that you nearly missed it. By focusing your attention on these answers, the whisper becomes a full voice. In time your voice will become a roar. You get to decide that! How exciting!
If you would like to explore more on what these answers mean to you and have someone on your support team, I would love to help you. This is what I do. I hold the space for you to help you identify what makes you go from a whisper to a roar. Message me back and let’s get started! It’s YOUR TIME NOW!
Lots of love and hugs,


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