It’s time to get a Balanced Life


Balance… A beautiful word.. balance.. Peaceful, resourceful, complete. Balance!

It’s the state where everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be. In your personal life, at work, in your body and mind. Equilibrium.

I coach expat professional men and women who need to identify and refocus on their objectives. My clients have lost the sense of balance and are looking for someone to keep them on track (health, fitness, personal needs, communication skills).
That’s where I come in, as I am an expert by nature at balancing life and work. Since I am a Libra, balance is my middle name and I am able to infuse equilibrium to my clients.

I provide powerful tools and guidance, but the most important aspect of coaching with me, is that for the first month I’m sending daily accountability emails in order for my clients to move forward and to have someone that pushes them to get out of their comfort zone.

In order for you to get some balance in your life, to have the sense of equilibrium, we have some steps to take. We will discover the areas where you feel you need to transform something, and go on from that point.

Let’s talk!


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