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Fear is so powerful. It can paralyse. It can stop you from your journey. It can delay your success. It can change your life, impacting it in a negative way.

Yes, I do have it as well. And I feel it’s power. I feel the way it creeps into my heart. Specially, the fear of taking action. I have it even now.
But that won’t stop me from sharing it. I’m taking away from it’s power once I admit it’s there. I know that I’m not alone, that I’m connected with so many beautiful souls. I’m surrounded by love. You are too! Maybe you let yourself see the love, maybe not. But it’s there.

I’m on the path of becoming authentic. This is one of my goals for the New Year. I’m admitting that I’m scared sometimes. Of connecting, of being wrong, of taking the wrong decision, of taking action.

But deep down I know that I’m conquering all that fear. And it’s OK to have it. I’m just human.

And you are human too. It’s OK

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