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The power of coaching: Life In Progress

Tonight I had a wonderful call with a special and colourful coach Allison Crow. I brought to the table my deep question: why is it hard for me to ask for help. What’s keeping me from asking for support and guidance? I give myself credit for the courage to explore this with a person I’ve just met. But I was open and I really admire Allison’s work. I love how’s she’s being herself (I want to discover myself too, my uniqueness – and I want to bring that to my coaching too).

What came up during the call: first of all, for me, asking for help = how can’t I not solve it by myself = how come I don’t know the answer = if I get the answer from someone else, it might not be the correct answer = a mistake = I’ve failed.
But then, I don’t see failure as a tragedy, but as a learning point, a lesson, I move on with my life with a new lesson = Resilient. Huh… go figure.. me = Resilient.. who knew that..??? I guess my mom did 🙂 hehe

So yeah, I’m giving myself permission to make mistakes and to learn from them, to ask for help not knowing with certainty that it’s going to be the right answer, I’m giving myself permission to be a human being, and not a machine (no heart there, no emotion, no feeling in being a machine).

Yes, and I am committed at Practising asking for help from time to time, and I am committed to giving myself permission to have the answers from time to time. It’s OK and I’m OK with that, It doesn’t need to be one or the other.. huh.. go figure..

Yes, one step closer to being authentic – admitting that I don’t have all the answers, as google does 🙂 and it’s OK. I feel at peace with that.

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