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Our week looks like this: we work most of the time, workout sometimes if we’re really in the mood, then sleep. But, our soul.. do we really take care of it?

I had the opportunity to take a great online course about how to transform your passion into a business. 3 months full of theory and practice. But it all came from a starting point: “what is your passion?” Some of us knew exactly what their hobbies/ passions were, some were confused, some discovered them throughout the course. One of the ways to tell what is THE passion, was to think of what you liked doing when you were a child, when everything seemed possible.

Another way was to think or recall what is the number one subject that comes into your conversations.. what do you really enjoy speaking about? Is it your pet, is it your family, is it the football match, is it shopping? Wow.. so many passions here!

But what is the connection between your passion and greatness?

It turns out that when you discover and implement your passion into work, things change, in a very nice and pleasant way. The mornings are brighter, the evenings more fun, the sun is not that cruel, the outside noise is silent. Why? You are focused on something that feeds your soul. You are not working any more. You are enjoying and living life. Everything else comes on second place. The soul is nourished and it feels alive. That is a moment of true greatness. You will start affecting others in the most beautiful way. Your smile will shine, your gestures will be open and you will gift a part of your happiness to everyone who you will meet. And of course, your work colleagues will notice that it in an instant! You will be the star on every work day! And they will wonder… what is that? what happened, what is this change?

It’s the power of your passion!

Now, I have some homework for you: take a piece of paper, a pen, and start writing the first answer that comes in your mind:

1. If money didn’t count, what would you do all day long?

2. What are the first 5 things you LOVE doing?

3. When you are doing something, what makes you feel excellent? What brings you great joy?

4. What are you doing when time flies? (you paint, you sing) What are you talking about Non-Stop?

5. What is THE activity that you could do for free?

6. How could you help others by doing what you like to do?

So remember, it has to be the First answer that pops into your mind. Write it down. After you finished it, keep the answers aside for 2-3 days, don’t read them straight away. Come back to them after those 2-3 days. Your answer is there on the paper. Take a deep breath and commit to your passion.

Greatness awaits you!

PS: leave a comment bellow to tell me if you will do the homework, and another one once you have finished it! Thanks 🙂

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