Why so Fake?..

I feel the tightness in my stomach. I feel how I need to stop reading that. It makes my body scream. Is this it? That’s it? What happened with the magic in our femininity? What happened with the mystery? What happened with the Joy of creation? 
It must be just business.. As they were sharing 50 of the most successful women entrepreneurs.. 

It appears that these ladies made it, they have successful businesses and so on. I’m happy for them. I can even understand how it can happen, until a certain point. 
What really gets me is that it feels fake somehow. The artist in me wants connection, wants freedom and joy, wants play and wants to be herself. I am tired of being someone else, I am tired of the separation that is happening in our world – us versus them, me versus you. I want integration. I want integration of all the parts in me that were hidden or forgotten, as I had to survive as a kid. I want magic and dreams. I want love and unity, I want my free spirit and my feminine energy to run wild. 
The truth is we all crave to do just that, to integrate our denied selves, to heal, to be whole again. 
I can understand how the world spins now, when it comes to business and to creating that thriving success. But it feels fake. Like show-offs.. The ego was in control for way to long. The Soul wants out. The Soul wants to Live and Love, it wants Peace, Joy, Freedom, Compassion, Wholeness. 
I feel the Soul in me that wants to Breath. I’m imagining now a world where we dare to stop with the fakeness and where we bring out the Light.. 
Oh, that would be wonderful! That would be a heartfelt transition to a new world, to an integrated world! 
Dear Soul, you, the one that’s reading this now, it’s time! It’s time to free yourself and to bring out your warmth! Call out on yourself to come out from that corner that felt so cosy and safe. My soul sees your soul. I honour its Greatness. It’s time! 
Reach out to me so that we can connect. I want to help you step inside the Joy of Life!


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