Coaching & Mentoring for Introverts


Helping your team realign to your vision & improve productivity


Helping introverts lead with kindness & clarity of purpose


Helping you make informed & wise decision when choosing your career


Ana CarageaHi there! My name is Ana Caragea, I am a  Leadership Advisor, Coach & Mentor and I help introvert women who work in public policy & administration lead with Kindness while remembering how wise and insightful they are.


My gift to you is an eBook that I wrote with all of my heart and love to help you with decreasing your stress levels. Taking care of yourself is crucial. Only then you will be able to give back and inspire others. I invite you to read it, and, if by the end of it you feel connected to my view, BOOK a Clarity CALL.

 5 Rules to Minimise your Stress Levels