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I help Introverts in their 20s and 30s overcome their communication challenges, both online and offline.

Successful managers and leaders know that in order for a company to grow and thrive they need their people to be invested in a compelling and powerful vision.
Successful managers and leaders know that People FIRST is what makes a company great.
When you create a supportive environment for your employees that empowers them and sees them as true gems for business growth, that’s when your business thrives.

My latest project, Leadership with HEART (Heartfelt Engagement Accomplishes Reality Transformation) is designed for business leaders who want to invest in their company’s success by investing in their people. This community is created so that leaders can come together to express their power and mission while being supported in a non-judgemental space.

My Vision is to see Authentic Heart-Centred Leaders that put People First in every business.

Ana CarageaMy name is Ana Caragea, I am a Soulful Listener, Leadership Coach, Mentor and Leader with HEART and I help Young Managers become the Leaders they’ve always wanted to have!

When your focus as a manager is on your People, on your employees and on their well-being, the effects are beautiful: happier customers, engaged employees, higher profits. A chain reaction.
And it starts with People FIRST.

My gift to you is an eBook that I wrote with all of my heart and love to help you with decreasing your stress levels. Taking care of yourself is crucial. Only then you will be able to give back and inspire others. I invite you to read it, and, if by the end of it you feel connected to my view, BOOK a Clarity CALL and let’s see how you can transform your job into a DREAM JOB!


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