Leader or Follower

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During another coaching conversation, when I was open to go deep and explore some of my stuff, I’ve realized that I’ve seen myself as a follower, not as a leader.

And in my mind it was “either/or“, not “and”. An exclusion, not an inclusion. It didn’t occur to me that I can be both, depending on the context.¬†What that did for me was to make me give myself permission to alternate between the two roles. When I need to step up as a Leader, I am more than capable to do that, when I need to follow, the same. Huh.. I can be both.


What I don’t want you to know about me..

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What I don’t want you to know about me is that sometimes I blush. I get red all over my face.

Yeah.. I don’t like that about me, as for many years I tried to control it (since I was in 7th grade)..The funny thing is that in order to control the blushing, I need to control my emotions. Actually not showing any.. Hmm..

Lately, I am showing a lot of emotions. When I talk to someone new about a topic dear to me, like about a book or just about coaching, I’m caught off guard – I don’t have enough time to hide the emotion. And then the blushing shows. And I feel a little bit ashamed.


Life in Progress

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keep wallking

The power of coaching: Life In Progress

Tonight I had a wonderful call with a special and colourful coach Allison Crow. I brought to the table my deep question: why is it hard for me to ask for help. What’s keeping me from asking for support and guidance? I give myself credit for the courage to explore this with a person I’ve just met. But I was open and I really admire Allison’s work. I love how’s she’s being herself (I want to discover myself too, my uniqueness – and I want to bring that to my coaching too).


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