8 Reasons to Live in the NOW

Every event is temporary. It’s here now, present for a while and then it fades away. This moment is unique. In the entire Universe there will be no other like it. Similar, perhaps, but not identical.
And yet,  we discard these moments. We don’t notice them because of the busyness or of the pain, of the overwhelm or of the fear that gets in the way.

I’m coming back to the story of my cat. Like most of the cats, they gift us their attention only when they want to give it. And that is what makes it such a special moment. You notice it, you pay attention to it, you are being present with their gift of purring. 10 seconds later, they are gone. But in those 10 seconds you are there. You take all of it in, you let everything else fade to the background while your cat is with you. You enjoy every moment. You know that it’s so rare and that it can disappear so fast.
What if we were to bring that focus, that awareness, that presence to most of our daily life experiences? Would anything change for you? Would you be different?
My bet is that the answer is YES! Absolutely. And here’s WHY, here are the 8 reasons to Live in the NOW:
1. Your mind will become aware and present to experience life.
2. Your soul will become awakened with every moment.
3. You will experience gratitude and joy at a deeper level.
4. Your busyness will become a moment-to-moment experience, without the overwhelm of future worries.
5. Your senses will have a party of flavours and scents.
6. You will be seeing life through a new of pair of glasses: the one where each moment is unique and beautiful.
7. You will become a role model for everyone around you.
8. You’ll give others the courage to live too, moment by moment, to experience the full array of adventures that life has to offer.
You will still have all of your plans, your vision for your future. The only difference now is that you don’t have to wait for the future to happen, in order to be happy and fulfilled. You will be fully living NOW.
NOTE: Remember, this is a practice and it takes time. Give yourself the permission of not becoming an expert at it from the first try! Take it easy and enjoy the experience! Live every moment at its fullest. Be present and aware.
An easy and amazing exercise for testing this perspective is the Chocolate Savouring exercise (from the book Mindfulness).
 – take a piece of chocolate (if you don’t eat chocolate, your favourite food item works great too!) and pick it up from the package.
 – look at it for 2-3 seconds from all of its angles. See it as it stands between your fingers. Observe its texture and colour.
 – then bring it closer to your nose and smell the chocolate. Take in all of its aroma.
 – slowly place the chocolate in your mouth. Let it stay there for a few seconds. Feel its texture, feel the sensation it creates while melting a little bit.
 – now start chewing it slowly. Again, let the flavour expand while you’re chewing the chocolate.
 – when you’re ready, swallow that piece of chocolate and savour the moment.
Congratulations on fully being present with your favourite food! I’m curious to see and hear what would be possible for you if you looked at each moment as an unique experience.
I would love to hear back from you, just drop me a message below to let me know how you felt while doing this exercise. 🙂
Love and hugs,


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