Happiness is within

coaching from the heart

Happiness is within ourselves.. it’s just that it’s covered with so many limiting beliefs, so many unnecessary desires of useless things, with so many poisonous thoughts.. and we forget that it’s already there, moment by moment, in the present, here, now. We forget that it’s here, deep down, inside.
Happiness is our purpose, but we forget that we have the non-stop access to it. It’s so covered by the noise of the society, that we search for it outside ourselves. We think that if and when we get that thing, or that job, or that car, or those clothes, we’ll find happiness. We think that the other person can make us happy, the world should make us happy.

No, we’re in charge, but we just forgot it. The noise is loud, it’s strong, it’s powerful, and our true happiness gets covered.
It’s time to put some noise-cancellation headsets (imaginary ones or real ones – it’s up to you) and turn the volume up to Your Happiness.

It’s not easy, it’s not hard. It’s a constant effort. But for me – it’s worth it. Maybe for you too.
We have bad days and good days, I have that too. But the bad days won’t stop me from turning up the volume to my own happiness, the one inside me, the real happiness. It’s worth my time and effort to reconnect with this forgotten truth.

Happiness is within. And it’s here already.

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