What coaching means to me

coach's credo

Coaching – what coaching means to me:

You don’t need coaching, you don’t need to be fixed. I’m not in that business.

What I do is I believe in YOU, the real you, the vulnerable and authentic YOU, the one who can inspire someone to take action, the one who’s still wearing some masks, and hasn’t seen himself/ herself as how he’s/ she’s really like. I’m your mirror. I’m your supporter. I’m calling you out.

No more hide and seek, no more hiding behind what others expect you to be, no more hiding behind what you think you should be. No. The real you. The one meant for greatness.

You don’t need me, no. But if you want someone authentic and vulnerable to hold that mirror for you, that’s me. That’s my passion – discovering the real YOU.

Message me if you want to have a deep and powerful conversation about what’s possible for you.

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